SoldPress v 1.2

Summer Product Update

Version 1.2

We are excited to share with you some enhancements and changes that we have made to the SoldPress in the upcoming Version 1.2 scheduled for release on July 29th, 2013.

What’s new?

  • Reliable Data Synchronization
  • Property Data Extensions
  • SoldPress Developer Program

DDF Reliable Data Synchronization

To ensure reliable and frequent execution of the data feed synchronization from CREA’s Data Distribution Facility, we are pleased to introduce ‘UNIX-CRON’ as a new sync option.

SoldPress is currently designed to use WP-CRON to automate and schedule DDF™ data feed synchronization. Using the WP-CRON method a cron job is triggered when somebody visits your website for the first time.  WP-CRON is a psudo cron service that simulates normal cron-jobs. .

Under the WP-CRON option SoldPress schedules data feed synchronization to occur nightly at 12:00 am. If nobody has visited your website at 12:00 am the scheduled job will not be executed. Instead, when someone visits your site for the first time at 12:10 am then the cron job execution will be triggered. With the ‘UNIX-CRON’ option you are guaranteed to begin data feed synchronization at 12:00 am.

‘UNIX-CRON’ is designed allow you to sync data through wget, ftp, curl, lynx commands. Please check with your hosting company for detailed instructions on using a web-based control panel to setup a cron job.

For customers, who that do not have a web-cron option provided by their hosting provider, we are pleased to introduce SoldPress WebCron subscription service. This service is designed to provide all the benefits of the ‘UNIX-CRON’ for a nominal fee.

Property Data Extensions

We are pleased to announce that you now have the option in SoldPress to sync your data with a extended set of Property Data. The Property Data Extensions feature allows your data to match as closely as possible the data provided by the boards and associations, as displayed on and

SoldPress was designed to comply with the Real Estate Standards Organizations (RESO) Data Dictionary 1.0. RESO Data Dictionary provides a common definition for real estate data. We made the decision to support RESO because it would allow theme designers incorporating out product to easily follow a standard based on collective consciousness of the Real Estate industry.

Unfortunately, some of CREA’s data attributes do not map into RESO 1.0 data scheme. i.e. Maintenance Fee. Thankfully, CREA provides supplementary data attributes as a part of there XML data feed. This XML data feed is the foundation of Property Data Extensions.

SoldPress Developer Program

We are introducing a Developer Program that allows you to purchase volume licenses of SoldPress at a discount. You can now purchase 5 Production license + 1 Developer license at a 25% discount.

This also works great for customers that want multiple SoldPress licenses, one for their primary landing site and two or three for a SEO optimized site. Remember you do have 5 feeds.


  • Plugin Performance Improvements
  • Admin Menu
  • Media Library

WordPress Plugin Performance Improvements

We are fortunate to have a growing customer base, and we want to make sure the plugin is fast and responsive.

We have tuned and refactored the plugin for better performance on first time data loads.

Admin Menu

Top Menu

We have introduced a new top level Admin Menu that allows easy access to SoldPress Settings, View Listings and DDF™ Feed.

Side Menu

We have re-organized the side menu – The SoldPress setting page has moved and now appears directly in the sidebar

WordPress Media Library

We have added an option that prevents synchronization of listing pictures to the WordPress media library. This improves the performance and manageability of the media library.

Other Enhancements

SoldPress V1.2 also has numerous fixes and enhancements including mls search option and a new search shorcod.e

We hope you enjoy this release

For help configuring new options available in this release please go to our support center