1. Do you offer Support?

We include Free setup support for SOLDPress. The support plan offers free 30 days support. After 30 Day you must purchase a support ticket.

2. What about updates?

We include Free updates in the cost of the Single Site Licence.

3. Do you offer Refunds?

Sorry. No refunds are offered.

4. Do you have a trial version?

Sorry. We currently do not offer a trial version.

5. What is the Lite Version?

The lite version is designed for developer and designer to build their own DDF® Solution. SoldPress premium is built using the Lite Version.


1. My Listing do not Sync.

Most sync jobs fail because of Timeout Issues. Customer that retrieve large amounts of data need to ensure that the appropriate PHP script timeout is set.

It is highly recommend that you check with your hosting provider if they have a hard time-out limit.

2. What is SOLDPress-WebCron?

SoldPress WebCron is an alternative event scheduler to the default wp-cron.php. Becuase wp-cron can be unreliable for low traffic sites we have built a monitoring and listing service to get reliable listing updates on your server.

3. Do I need SOLDPress-WebCron.

No, SOLDPress Web-Cron is designed for customers who do not have access to crontab. SoldPress offers crontab as an alternative to wp-cron.

4. Where is the manual?

The manual is located at SOLDPress Manual.

5. Can I Sync the Full National Pool

SOLDPress Plugin is not optimized for Full (90000+) National Pool List. The SOLDPress Plugin Data Synchronizer is capable of pulling the data, However the WordPress Blog Engine may not be able to handle data querying because of the way the listing data is structured.

We do provide products that are specifically designed for the Full National Pool through RealityHub.io