SoldPress v 1.5

We are pleased to announce the availability of SOLDPress CDN.

SOLDPress CDN is available to all customers in version 1.7. Scheduled for release on July 14th, 2015.

What is SOLDPress CDN?

SOLDPress CDN is a Content Delivery Network designed for CREA Data Distribution Facility DDF®.

SOLDPress CDN is designed to perform large scale parallel computing workloads to retrieve images directly from CREA DDF® servers and stores the image files on our globally cached network. This dramatically increases speed and availability, resulting in significant user experience improvements. SOLDPress CDN automatically caches listing images at our edge nodes so these files are stored closer to your visitors.

Why SOLDPress CDN?

CREA DDF® policy and procedure guidelines require all participants to load image files on their own server infrastructure. This can make for resource intensive operations, especially in shared hosting environments and for extremely large data feeds. SOLDPress CDN eases the computing workload on front end web servers.

SOLDPress CDN  is built to handle sudden traffic spikes and heavy loads, like the start of a major campaign or newsletter release, without new infrastructure costs or capacity worries. Active redundancy and failover support throughout the CDN network help assure reliability.

Save on Storage Fees.

Listing image files can take large amounts of space on your hosting providers network. SOLDPress CDN stores images on high-performance storage and all data is globally cached.

Save on Bandwidth.

Saving bandwidth on your website is one ideal way to reduce the bills you need to pay. SOLDPress CDN does all the heavy lifting requiring less inbound bandwidth via data synchronization and less outbound bandwidth when serving image files.

Instantly Available.

Listing image can take up to 24-48 hours to retrieve from DDF® servers. SOLDPress CDN delivers images instantly without any wait times.

Powered by

SOLDPress CDN is Powered by Listing-As-A-Service platform. is a high-scale job scheduling engine designed to work specifically with CREA DDF®.

Affordable Pricing.

SOLDPress CDN is available for $5.99/Month per site. 

We hope you enjoy this release.