= Changelog ==


Feb 18 2017 – Resolved Issue With Analytics Performance – Disabled Click Script.


Fixed Issue with rental title


Fixed Issue with Street View
Fixed Map Padding
Fixed Empty Check with Max Area
Fixed Issue with Slide Listing Tax Query


Added nofooter for listings shortcode.


Added tax search query for multiple search
Added noheader for listings shortcode.
Fixed cleanup to templates.


Added Gmap Keys

Fixed Line Break
Added Feautred
Added Custom Fields That Can Be used with deleting that start with sp_

Moved Debug Menu
Rename Fields

Added Slider Tax

Fixed map clustering image url

Fixed short php string
Fixe spelling mistake on “covered spaces”

Add Delete View Count
Added New Manual Link
Added Crea Version Link

Changed the jquery validation option key name.

Added Lease Price Sort Option

Fixed Issue with extended sync xml

Removed to double slash fro reso widget
Fixed CDN map Reference

Changed Price Location on default theme to improve readability on mobile devices

Updated the flexslider.js
Remove Res and Commercial Property Setting

Added New flexslider Components 2.5


Fixed Default Index on Image


Added Bedrooms Lower level and Bedrooms Main level label for above and below ground

Fixed SOLDPress CDN Reference

Fixed Widget for 4.3
Fixed Checkbox for geo-tag

Debug Menu – Create Folder Test
Debug Menu – Enable Duplicates

Fixed image folder deleting when listingkey is null

Added GEO SEO Tags
Fixed title when no description available.

Added “Property Listing” Title to fixed Name Archive
Fixed TV Slide show width


Fixed Reso Widget

Added Lease Search to core
Added Parking Search to core
Added Stories Search to core

Update prettyphoto

Added Page Variable
Added Exit Loop if ListingKey Not Available.

Added New Click Wrap Agreement For National Pool

Added Subdivision to Search
Added RETS Debuging
Added Clear Listing Button
Renamed Debug Menu

Removed refactoring of archive

Removed MLS® logo
Remover REALTOR® logo
Change DDF to DDF®

Acreage is set to yes
Change city comma on view templates
Fixed Issue With Price
Filtered Delete link for only sp_property;

Added Jquery.validate for function validate
Fixed single layout page

Added Loop Back Filter Test
Added Price filter to map
Fixed Agent pictures not syncing on update.

Added Filtered Map Search for dfd properties

Don’t Delete Record if CREA return 0

Remove Image with Index 0

Fixed Image issue with Index 1

Added Caching on search form
Improved Demographics Tab Layout
Fixed Mapping SSL


Added Page Template
Fixed CoAgent tax
Fixed CoAgent High Quality Issue


Removed SOLDPress Admin Scripts


Added JQuery validation Lib


Added QueryVar Variable
Added Support SOLDPress Permalink Plugin

Unslashed City variable

Added googlemaps key to geocode
Fixed google map
Add wp- favorite plugin intergration
Added Duplicated Check toggle

= 1.6.5
Added neighbourhood.io
Fixed Issue with price low

= 1.6.2
Fixed Sort order for date
Add Map stacked
Fixed WalkScore remove commute and added to Walkscore

Fixed Issue with Geo Sync
Changed Header Loader on Single Page

Fix Amazon slide show
Refactor TV Slide
Refactor Map shortcode to use a template


Fixed Images issue With Map
Added Cron Publish Data for SP Cron
Change to Look for 0 and then 1 for Images


Fixed French Lang Setting
Fixed Destination Settings
Added Curl Version Warning
Fixed Issue with Image on 0 index
Added New Search Table
Added New SOLDPress Cron Monitoring

= 1.5.10

Fixed Imperial conversion if different than square meters
Added New Sidebars

Fixed Issue with pdf generator
Added Lease Per Time

Added SizeIrregular
Added function Exists ot Land Section for customization
Added Is Numeric to Size Conversion
Fixed Issue with Feature Listing Loading Private Listings


Increased Priority of Template Loading
Add Listing broker to grid view and image view
Add Agent pages toggle
Improve Speed of map loading
Fixed Issue with Social Template error tag.

= 1.5.7

Added Bing Maps
Fixed PDF Delete Issue

= 1.5.6

Added Clean up cron job
Fixed Custom boottrap js scripts
Fixed Fixed bxsider

= 1.5.5

Fixed Issue with Picture not deleting
Remove basic cron command

= 1.5.4

New folders for pictures.


Fixed with CLI CRON Action
Added Debug Log Off Switch
Fixed Issue with swipebox and bx-lsider

= 1.5.2

Fixed Issue with Agent Tax Sync Appened Bug.
Fixed Issue with Map if No Address
Removed JQuery Validated

= 1.5.1

Fixed Issue with Agent Tax Sync.
Added Support For Open Houses

= 1.5.0

Added New Slider Control
Added Support for S3
Added Support for Slider


Added Delete Crons and index Crons


Added Waterbody to search

= =

Added QR Code

= =

Fixed Table Alignment on Property Details Grids
Added Id to widget sections
Enhancements to map shortcode added additional property details.
Added Media Lib Checkbox to use media lib per listing. This allows you to substitute the pictures.
Fixed Issue with Listing Converting to Private when saved.

= =

Fixed 0 Value search

= =

Added PDF Mass Delete

= =

Fixed slider issue with multiple slides

= =

Fixed PDF Issue add as single page

= =

Fixed AsXml() when not set
Fixed Issue with search – Empty considers 0
Added Return to master sync to reduce time

= =

Fixed issue with pin

= =

Added Search Results
Fixed Issue with wrong display on bathrooms
Fixed Issue with id for Flexslider

= =

Added TOC Inline Mode
Fixed Bing Api Missing
Fixed Cron Tab Start Sync Action on SOLDPress Cron and UnixCron
Fixed Added Option for Anayltics
Added Mail Service
Fixed Bedroom and Bathroom Display if Not Available

= =

Fixed Line Height on Flexslide
Fixed Address on feature template
Fixed Disclaimer cookie issue

= =

Fixed Price Error if No Value
Fixed Display Issue When missing address parts

= =

Improved Private Listings
Add Shortcode Raw
Add Shortcode Slide
Fixed Default Map Display on Listings
Transaction Type Search

= =

Added clean filter urls
Added Tab for Map
Added Shortcode listing
Added Shortcode listings
–Added Twitter Card https://dev.twitter.com/docs/cards
–Added Walk score integration with map
= =

Changed Media delete to ‘/SOLDPress/’
Fixed issue with performance of filtering
Change f filter as and
Added fo filter as or
Added XmlPrice
Fixed issue with picture saving raw data.
resolved activation issue with upgrade
added more info link

= =
Clean up joint words on disclaimer
Added Unix Cron for long running operations
Added XML Sync for additional data attributes
Removed picture sync from media lib
Fixed issue with modal dialogue when displaying on iphone.
Added php version warning and WordPress warning
Added clear cache
Added list property shortcode

= =
Fixed reference to my_setting conflicting with other plugins
Fixed issue with extra td in settings
Add rel=”nofollow” to paging and view links
Fixed map defaulting to France, now centres on Canada
Change the slider to use flex slider.
Fixed issue with back button on slider in chrome
Fixed issue with map address when there is a single quote

= =
Added Search Widget
Added Advanced Filtering using RETS Data Dictionary
Fix Issue With Modal Dialog
Remove Bootstrap “sp” css class
Added BootStrap reset
Added PageSize To Listing Grid
Added No Search Found Message
Fixed Style on Dimensions Table
Configured Daily Sync to Run at Midnight
Photo Sync update newest listings first.
Added Nonce check to manual sync
Remove noconfict from jQuery Reference.

= =
*Workaround Issue with CREA DDF Detection Code

= =
*Workaround Issue with CREA DDF

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*General Availability

== Upgrade Notice ==

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*General Availability