Main features

[half_first][title]100% Compliance[/title]
[icon]legal[/icon]Full Compliance with CREA Data Distribution DDF® Policy and Rules.[/half_first]
[icon]credit-card[/icon]SOLDPress is the most affordable plugin on the market.  Compared to other plugins where you pay a high monthly fee, with SOLDPress you purchase a one time site license at a fraction of the cost[/half_last]

[icon]search[/icon]Improve traffic flow to your site with search engine optimized listings[/half_first][half_first][title]Brokerages[/title]
[icon]group[/icon]Designed for small brokerages to stand out against the national brokerage.[/half_first]

[half_first][title]REALTOR® Analytics[/title]
[icon]dashboard[/icon]Integrated analytics provides valuable data back to agents and brokerage owner.[/half_first][half_first][title]Twitter Bootstrap[/title]
[icon]html5[/icon]The most popular open source framework is developed around HTML5 and CSS3 techniques for constructing websites.[/half_first]


I tried this plugin. It stands out, and it is awesome.