Data Distribution Facility Overview

CREA has created a Data Distribution Facility (DDF®) to enable CREA’s members to easily disseminate MLS® listing content to multiple websites, and to ensure that MLS® listing content that is displayed on these websites is accurate, up to date, and uses CREA’s trademarks correctly.

The DDF® is permission based and consists of three modules: a National Shared Pool Module; a Member Website Feed Module; and a Third Party Module.

1. National Shared Pool Module ‐ Participants can contribute their listings to a national data pool and receive a feed from that pool to display all other participants’ listings on their websites. Participants can filter the data feed they receive based on objective criteria. Participants can also choose to contribute their listings to a data feed made available for display on participating franchisors’ websites.

2. Member Website Feed Module–Participants can use this module to receive a data feed of their listings to display on their own website in order to track the success of their website as a marketing tool.

3. Third Party Module – Participants can choose to send listing content to a number of Third Party websites.